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Results of clinical and laboratory evaluation of the treatment with pyobacteriophage in tablets of the patients with burn wounds are presented. It was shown that phagotherapy provided more rapid cure of pyoseptic complications, temperature normalization, wounds purification and lower lethality Bacteriological analysis of wound secretions revealed that after(More)
Comparative evaluation of the incidence of the drug resistant pathogens at the patients with sepsis was performed. High ratio of the resistnt strain was shown and the most potent drugs were estimated. The investigation results demonstrates the necessity to improve diagnostic quality control. The data on drug susceptibility of the pathogens may be used for(More)
Clinical and laboratory estimation of the efficacy of pectins in complex treatment of patients with intracranial hematoma was performed. It was shown that in the group of the patients treated with pectins vs the control group development of pyo-inflammatory infections was less frequent, the indices of the immunity status improved and a more rapid decrease(More)
The predominant pathogens at the emergency medicine hospital were analysed and its resistance to antibiotics was investigated in dynamics. The susceptibility of the pathogens was analysed by the method of dynamic equalibration. Statistically significant reduction of resistant bacteria isolation was demonstrated for 2 species of 7--that is S. aureus and E.(More)
A total of 528 patients with nosocomial pneumonias were examined by bacteriological methods during 4 years. The data on the patients and on 2468 bacterial strains isolated from them were computer processed using original software "Hospital Infection". Special attention was paid to hospital strains of pneumonia agents of the same taxonomic position with(More)
Chlamydial infection was diagnosed by indirect immunofluorescence in 26.3% and Gardnerella infection in 28.7% of patients with acute gynecological diseases. The degree of vaginal contamination in patients with chlamydiasis was virtually the same as in all other examinees, whereas in patients with gardnerellosis the third and fourth degrees of purity(More)
The analysis of bacterial 16,530 strains, dynamically isolated from 6,157 patients with purulent septic processes (PSP) in surgical, traumatological, burn, toxicological and resuscitation departments, was made. The computer processing of data on the spread of the causative agents of PSP, depending on their taxonomic classification and drug resistance(More)
The authors discuss the organization of epidemiological surveillance of hospital infections, carried out by bacteriological laboratories. The principal tasks of epidemiological surveillance of pyoseptic infections in surgical hospitals are formulated. The potentialities of using the data of computer monitoring of nosocomial infections are discussed. This(More)