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Oestrogen and progesterone receptor (ER and PgR) assay values are frequently used in medical decision-making for breast cancer patients. We have proposed statistical standardization of receptor assay values to improve inter-laboratory comparability, and now report the use of standardized log units (SLU) to investigate the effects of ER and PgR cut-points on(More)
The effects of prognostic factors on local, regional or distant metastasis are standardly assessed separately. Competing risks analyses may be used to assess simultaneously the effects of factors on different types of first recurrence. Data for a cohort of 678 primary invasive breast cancer patients accrued between 1971 and 1990, updated to 1995, included(More)
Playas (ephemeral lakes) of the Texas High Plains (THP) appear to be aligned when observed on small scale maps or aerial photographs. Playa orientation, however, has eluded spatial description and the landscape topography relationships are unknown. This study examined the relationship between landscape aspect and playa alignment for 23 THP counties. the(More)
Clinical trials indicate that mammography provides a substantial breast cancer survival benefit; however, there is a need to demonstrate that this benefit extends to clinical practice and to determine the extent that current reductions in mortality are attributable to regular screening or adjuvant systemic therapy. Mammography was used routinely at our(More)
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