E B Dillmann

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Little is known about the way in which animals far from home use familiar landmarks to guide their homeward path. Desert ants, Cataglyphis spp., which forage individually over long distances are beginning to provide some answers. We find that ants running 30 m from a feeding place to their nest memorise the visual characteristics of prominent landmarks(More)
Iron-deficient rats have increased blood and urinary catecholamines regardless of whether anemia is or is not present. The catecholamine response in both iron-deficient and control animals is largely temperature dependent, showing little difference at the isothermic temperature of 30 degrees C but a two- to threefold increase in iron-deficient animals over(More)
by exchanige transfusioin. Muscle activity is associate(l with a higher blood lactate concenltrationi thani is observed in iron-replete aniimals. The accumulation of lactate is a result of excessive productioni as lactate clearancie fromn the 1)loo0( was shown to be unaffecte(l. By acljusting the work loa(l to a lower level, it was possible to (livide(More)
This descriptive study explored multicultural issues in medical education which should be included in the curricula of both the undergraduate and residency programs of the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Calgary. Face-to-face interviews were conducted with 21 male and female ethnic patients to determine their expectations of and experiences with the(More)
Geriatrics has a functional aim, also in a clinical setting; it determines meaningful priorities in the process of diagnosis and treatment of the vulnerable elderly patient and is of a horizontal nature within the other specializations. Additional tasks of geriatrics are the development of adjusted methods for examination and treatment, the pursuing of(More)
Iron-deficient rats have an impaired work performance, even when their anemia is corrected by exchange transfusion. Muscle activity is associated with a higher blood lactate concentration than is observed in iron-replete animals. The accumulation of lactate is a result of excessive production as lactate clearance from the blood was shown to be unaffected.(More)
Twenty-one Venezuelan peasants were segregated into three groups on the basis of measurements of iron status: seven normal subjects, six iron-deficient subjects with normal hemoglobin and eight iron-deficient subjects with a hemoglobin concentration of less than 9 g/dl. All subjects were placed in a water bath at an initial temperature of 36 degrees C. The(More)
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