E. B. Dedova

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This article describes the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of surface and underground water resources in the Republic of Kalmykia. A list of the major trends and optimization spheres has been determined to improve the water complex of the republic, which includes the establishment of the environmental monitoring system and the implementation of(More)
A system of the integrated monitoring of water resources, regular and estuary irrigation lands, and the engineering level of reclamation systems and facilities has been developed for the environmentally safe and cost-effective functioning of the reclamation water-economic complex of the country, based on the example of the Republic of Kalmykia. The(More)
A conceptual model for managing productivity of estuary agroameliorative landscapes that makes it possible to take into account the basic parameters of the agroecosystem and the features of the technological process to optimize its operation and to reach a planned level of productivity is presented. The agroecological model that guarantees hay yield at the(More)
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