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Constructing a metabolic flux analysis model is in principle fairly straightforward. However, there are a number of mathematical pitfalls. First, dependent reactions are a recurring problem and, second, the choice of reactions to measure may not be straight-forward. A method for systematic identification of dependent reactions and a thorough reactions(More)
This report presents the results of a 7-year prospective outcome study designed to examine the psychosocial changes during and after therapy among 25 outpatients suffering from personality disorders and psychoses. The therapeutic approach was based mainly on object relations theory and psychodynamic self-psychology, and focused in particular on affect(More)
The production of polyhydroxyalkanoates in plants is an interesting commercial prospect due to lower carbon feedstock costs and capital investments. The production of poly-(3-hydroxybutyrate) has already been successfully demonstrated in plant plastids, and the production of more complex polymers is under investigation. Using a mathematical simulation model(More)
The growth of Streptomyces lividans in defined media was modeled using a simple structured growth model. Conventional unstructured models like Monod kinetics, substrate inhibition kinetics, and the logistic equation were also used in an attempt to fit the data, but the results were all unsatisfactory. The main reason for failure in applying simple(More)
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