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The main objective is to predict daily global solar radiation (GSR) in future time domain based on measured air temperature, relative humidity and sunshine hours values between 2002 and 2006 for Dezful city in Iran using artificial neural network method. The estimations of GSR were made using three combinations of data sets: (I) length of day, daily mean(More)
ASSESSMENT OF ELECTRICITY DEMAND IN IRAN'S INDUSTRIAL SECTOR USING DIFFERENT INTELLIGENT OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES M. A. Behrang a , E. Assareh a , M. R. Assari b & A. Ghanbarzadeh c a Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Dezful Branch, Iran b Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Jundi Shapour University,(More)
Fluid flow and heat transfer of vertical full cone embedded in porous media is studied in this paper. Nonlinear differential equation arising from similarity solution of inverted cone (subjected to wall temperature boundary conditions) embedded in porous medium is solved using a hybrid neural networkparticle swarm optimization method. To aim this purpose, a(More)
Air temperature, relative humidity and vapor pressure data during 1993-2004 for city of Manjil in Iran were used for the estimation of wind speed in future time domain using artificial neural network method. The estimations of wind speed were made using three combinations of data sets namely: (i) month of the year, monthly mean daily air temperature and(More)
An integrated Artificial Neural NetworkParticle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is presented for analyzing global electricity consumption. To aim this purpose, following steps are done: STEP 1: in the first step, PSO is applied in order to determine world’s oil, natural gas, coal and primary energy demand equations based on socio-economic indicators. World’s(More)
The tremendous effects of air quality in large cities have been considered a severe environmental problem all over the world. Therefore, the international community agreed to develop air quality standards to monitor and control pollution rates around industrial communities. Harmful emission into the air is a sign that could extremely affect man's(More)
Present study develops two scenarios to analyse gasoline consumption and makes future projections based on the particle swarm optimisation (PSO) and genetic algorithm (GA). The gasoline consumption is estimated based on the basic indicators of the population, gross domestic product (GDP), import, export, gasoline production and number of cars figures. Two(More)
The main objective of this research is to investigate Iran's coal demand, projection and supplies by using the structure of the Iranian socio-economic conditions. This study develops a scenario to analyse coal consumption and make future projections based on particle swarm optimisation (PSO) and genetic algorithm (GA) methods. The models developed in two(More)
The Artificial Neural Network (ANN) fitting tool is used for the prediction of solar radiation. Solar radiation data from 12 Indian stations with different climatic conditions are used for training and testing the ANN. The Levenberg-Marquard (LM) algorithm is used in this analysis. The results of ANN model are compared with measured data on the basis of(More)
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