E Alvarez Rodriguez

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Recent studies suggest that celiac disease is common in many developing countries. Taking into account the disease may be underdiagnosed in Cuba, the main objectives of this study were to assess the presence of celiac disease related to antibodies in a cohort of apparently healthy children from Pinar del Río province and to evaluate a new rapid test for(More)
This work presents the construction of an adult's human respiratory tract emulator for the study of the particle matter when they get into the respiratory tract. Particles are trapped by filters in a bronchiole-alveolar level, which can be taken to lab for chemical analysis as well as physical and the effects of such particles on the pulmonary tissue.
Increased arterial stiffness (AS) is an important indicator for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ACVD). Epidemiologically, periodontitis and ACVD are associated. Therefore, we aimed to investigate AS in periodontitis patients and controls. In addition, we explored the effect of periodontal therapy on AS in a sub-group of cases. Pulse-wave velocity(More)
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