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The administration of acetyl-homocysteine-thiolactone (cythiolone) to Torpedo marmorata inhibits the production of neuronal lipofuscin. The possible mechanism of this action has been investigated. A free radical scavenger effect of the drug has been demonstrated both in vivo and in vitro. Cythiolone is able to activate the enzyme superoxide dismutase, while(More)
The Corollospora maritima, a marine ascomycete, has been used as an experimental model to investigate the possibility that age pigments can be considered indicators also of environmental stress. Synthetic sea water enriched with iron or copper has been inoculated in a broth culture of the fungus. After 5 days of incubation the mycetes were assayed for(More)
Histochemical and fluorescence miccroscope (460 nm) studies have revealed the presence of lipofuscin granulations in he hepatopancreas of Sepia o. Autofluorescence characteristics and the colour of the lipofuscin were similar to those observed in the CNS of Sepia o. Further studies will be directed towards characterising the ultrastructure and(More)
Neuronal lipofuscin has been found in adult Rana e., and in tadpoles at the larval stage with external gills, larvae with internal gills and front legs, and larvae with front and back legs. The lipofuscin granules were positive at many histochemical tests and they had an autofluorescence at 450-470 nm The AA. plan to better define the ultrastructural(More)