E. Almahdi Elkhazmi

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In this paper, we presents a secure (noise-resistant) algorithm for data communication over the noisy channel , the message is converted to non-linear Hadamard code, which is having the maximum Hamming distance, which makes it more fault-tolerant in comparison to the ASCII input. The translated message is encrypted with a random signal by specific mixing.(More)
The performance of six configurations for focused array antennas is investigated. The proposed arrays are in the form of; Ring, Four corners with central elements, Ring with Cross, Four orthogonal arrows rotated by 45 degree, Octal with Cross and Octal with Cross without central elements arrays. The studied parameters are the size of focal spot, the depth(More)
Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) for Multiple Input Multiple Outputs (MIMO) bandlimited systems is investigated. The implementation involves using the DWT as the base multiplexing technology at the baseband to process the input signal. Using the Alamouti diversity technique, an investigation for a DWT-MIMO multicarrier system is presented. Results shown are(More)
This paper investigates the performance of wavelet OFDM signals over a wireless communications link. The scheme is shown to be generally similar to Fourier based OFDM, but with some additional features, and improved characteristics. The sensitivity of both schemes to the nonlinear amplification in the transmitter is compared by monitoring the time domain(More)
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