E A Zubova

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We investigate influence of mobility of neighbouring chains on dynamics of soliton-like excitations in a chain of the simplest polymer crystal (polyethylene in the “united atoms” approximation) using molecular dynamics simulation. We present results for point-like structural defects: static and moving at low, medium and high velocities; and examine how the(More)
A new coarse-grained model of the DNA molecule has been proposed, which was elaborated on the basis of its all-atomic model analysis. The model has been shown to rather well reproduce the DNA structure under low and room temperatures. The Young's and torsion moduli calculated using the coarse-grained model are in close agreement with experimental data and(More)
More than 20 coarse-grained (CG) DNA models have been developed for simulating the behavior of this molecule under various conditions, including those required for nanotechnology. However, none of these models reproduces the DNA polymorphism associated with conformational changes in the ribose rings of the DNA backbone. These changes make an essential(More)
We carry out a molecular dynamics simulation of the first stages of constrained melting in crystalline polyethylene (PE). When heated, the crystal undergoes two structural phase transitions: from the orthorhombic (O) phase to the monoclinic (M) phase, and then to the columnar (C), quasi-hexagonal, phase. The M phase represents the tendency to the parallel(More)
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