E. A. Zotikov

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Based on originally designed technique of myoblast cultivation and in accordance with the approved by the Russian Ministry of Health "one muscle treatment" protocol of myoblast transplantation to the Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients, the first in Russia clinical trial of this gene correction method was carried out. Immonologically related myoblast(More)
Immunological methods (complement fixation test, immunofluorescence) demonstrated that the antigen associated with cytomegalovirus can be detected in some malignant and benign tumors and lymphoid cells in human leukemia. No antigen of the same specificity was found in tissues from the same patients and in normal donor lymphocytes.
Erythrocytes subjected to the action of trypsin and a mixture of trypsin with chemotrypsin lost their capacity to be agglutinated by the type specific sera and to adsorb antibodies. Trypsin and a mixture of trypsin with chemotrypsin destroy the type specific antigens, but do not act on the group properties of human erythrocytes.