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Biochemical analysis of blood of rats sacrificed 4 to 8 hours after Cosmos-1667 flight revealed a significant increase of corticosterone, decrease of 11-dehydroxycortisol, testosterone, total and bound thyroxine, and increase of glucose, phosphate, creatinine, alanine aminotransferase and total antioxidative activity. Changes in hormonal concentrations,(More)
The paper presents data on the content of corticosteroids in adrenals of rats exposed to 46, 53- and 60-day hypokinesia as well as to 60-day hypokinesia combined with graded exercises. It was found that the content of corticosteroids in adrenals remained essentially unaltered after 46-day hypokinesia, decreased after 53-day hypokinesia and increased after(More)
This paper reviews Soviet and foreign data about the effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields of continuous and intermittent generation on the endocrine system of animals and humans. It has been shown that the pituitary-adrenal, pituitary-thyroid and reproductive systems are sensitive to these effects. It is postulated that the endocrine responses to(More)
This paper is a review of recent publications about the effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) (constant and pulsed) on the cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and blood systems of experimental animals and industrial workers exposed to them. It is reported that the regulatory systems (nervous and endocrine) are highly sensitive to EMF. It is(More)