E A Zagorskaia

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Biochemical analysis of blood of rats sacrificed 4 to 8 hours after Cosmos-1667 flight revealed a significant increase of corticosterone, decrease of 11-dehydroxycortisol, testosterone, total and bound thyroxine, and increase of glucose, phosphate, creatinine, alanine aminotransferase and total antioxidative activity. Changes in hormonal concentrations,(More)
The content of 11-hydroxycorticosteroids, triglycerides and enzyme activity in blood as well as the content of 17-ketosteroids in urine of normal men kept for 16 days in an enclosure ventilated for 24--60 hours with bipolar ionized air (averaged unipolarity factor 1.58, concentration of positive ions 26--35 thous. cm-(3)) were measured. On DD 7--9(More)
The review of the reported data indicates that endocrine glands react to the constant magnetic field (CMF). The paper presents information about the phasic pattern of hypophyseal-adrenal reaction and CMF effects on the sympathoadrenal system and thyroid. The review refers to many publications demonstrating high sensitivity to testes of the CMF. The paper(More)
Presents the findings of mycologic examinations of 12 patients with carcinomas of various sites. Though such examinations were carried out because of mycotic involvement of the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory organs, profound studies have revealed malignant tumors. A case history is presented. The authors come to a conclusion that(More)