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OBJECTIVE To investigate predictors of survival and athletic function in adult horses with infection of a synovial structure. HYPOTHESES Increasing duration from contamination to referral, bone or tendon involvement and positive microbial culture decreases short-term survival. Synovitis and/or sepsis at 5 days post-admission and involvement of(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical presentation, ultrasound findings, management and outcome in horses with muscle tear injuries of the hindlimbs. DESIGN Retrospective case series Procedure Medical records of eight horses were reviewed and information on signalment, history, presenting complaint, physical examination findings and further diagnostic tests(More)
The incidence of colic following swimming exercise (SC) in a racehorse population examined over 3 years was 0.08%. Following 167,977 swims, 136 cases were reported. Colic resolved spontaneously in 2 horses, medically in 129 or surgically in 5. In a separate study, 21 horses were subject to exploratory laparotomy for SC. Findings included non-strangulating(More)
Osteopetrosis is a rare disorder characterised by a defect in osteoclastic bone resorption. This report describes osteopetrosis in a neonatal donkey that suffered a displaced tibial fracture. Radiographic examination identified generalised reduction in medullary cavity size, thickened mid-diaphyseal cortices and conical metaphyseal bone extending toward the(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine the long-term outcome for Thoroughbreds undergoing desmotomy of the accessory ligament of the deep digital flexor tendon (DAL-DDFT) for type 1 flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ). DESIGN Retrospective matched cohort study PROCEDURE Medical records were retrieved over a 17-year period for Thoroughbreds that(More)
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