E. A. Voluevich

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The genetic control of resistance to Septoria nodorum in common wheat line Transec have been investigated. There have been concluded that high level of resistance of this line is connected with the presence in its genome of partially recessive gene which is located on wheat-rye translocation T4BS.4BL-2RL or closely linked with it. Plant plasmon can have an(More)
The resistance of 77 disomic chromosome-addition and chromosome-substitution lines of soft wheat that had been created on the base of the Chinese Spring variety to Belorussian populations of powdery mildew and brown leaf rust is studied. The lines possess a chromosome pair introduced from 13 species of cereals as well as three amphiploids. New genes that(More)
The genetic nature of polygenic resistance of common wheat to a causative agent of brown rust was studied. It was established, using ditelosomic lines (DT) of the cultivar Chinese Spring, that the majority of examined chromosome arms participate in differential interactions with the pathogen during formation of basic traits of polygenic resistance: the(More)
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