E. A. Tonevitskii

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The search for novel parameters to predict the risk of relapse in breast cancer was conducted. Significant correlation between the risk of relapse and α-2A adrenergic receptor (ADRA2A) expression was revealed using public microarray datasets. This relationship was confirmed by validation on independent microarray dataset. It was found that when assessing(More)
Complex formation between immunoglobulins and ligands immobilized on mica was studied by atomic force microscopy in two different systems. In the first system, 60-kDa ligands possessing only one site for antibody recognition were used. In the other system, a more complex interaction of human immunoglobulin with immobilized polyclonal antibodies was studied.(More)
The paper presents a formalized statement of the problem of selecting parameters and construction of a genomic classifier for medical test systems with mathematical methods of machine learning without the use of biological and medical knowledge. A method is proposed to solve this problem. The results of testing the method using microarray datasets(More)
Subunits 70S, 50S, and 30S of ribosomes of E. coli and T. maritima have been studied by atomic force microscopy. A considerable heterogeneity of structures was visualized when 70S and 30S subunits were sorbed on mica. The linear size and the height of molecules were estimated. It was found that the heights of ribosomes of E. coli and T. maritima(More)
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