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Vein grafts are used extensively to repair blood vessels. However, when suitable vein segments are unavailable, alternative graft materials must be used. This study tested the suitability of 1 mm diameter polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) grafts for small-calibre arterial replacements. Grafts of 4 mm length were inserted microsurgically into the iliac arteries(More)
Vein allografts were studied in rats using the major histocompatibility complex-incompatible DA (RTIa) and LEW (RTI1) inbred strains. Allografts from DA rats were inserted in to 22 LEW hosts, and vice versa, by interposing a 5 mm segment of donor iliolumbar vein into a defect in the host's iliac artery (1 mm in diameter), using microsurgical techniques.(More)
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