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Despite decades of research, the roles of climate and humans in driving the dramatic extinctions of large-bodied mammals during the Late Quaternary period remain contentious. Here we use ancient DNA, species distribution models and the human fossil record to elucidate how climate and humans shaped the demographic history of woolly rhinoceros, woolly(More)
The extinct aurochs (Bos primigenius primigenius) was a large type of cattle that ranged over almost the whole Eurasian continent. The aurochs is the wild progenitor of modern cattle, but it is unclear whether European aurochs contributed to this process. To provide new insights into the demographic history of aurochs and domestic cattle, we have generated(More)
The paper at hand presents a new competence focused management approach which is called competence based business development (CbBD). CbBD should support organizations of all kinds in the effective identification, measurement, combination and integration of organizational competences, which can be seen as a bundle of human competencies, tools and material.(More)
The paper presents observations respecting the contrast of playful and grim attitudes in the behavior of patients undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment. Playful correspondence to Erikson's Cooperative Stage of development and Freud's mature Genitality, while grim corresponds to Erikson's Autonomous and Assertive Stages and Freud's Anal and Phallic Stages.(More)
Terms such as "Vorgang" (course of events) and "Drehpunkt" (crucial point developed in connection with dramatics are investigated with regard to their suitability for describing psychotherapeutic phenomena. Since the interactions between audience and cast are similar in some respects to those between therapeut and patient, particulary in respect of fantasy(More)
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