E. A. Shablovskaya

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Two strains (UB-1 and UB-2) of rabies-related viruses were isolated from the brain of Nyctalus noctula and Vespertilio murinus captured from the hollows of tall trees on the left bank of Pripyat river in the Volynsky region of Ukrainian S.S.R. The viruses were isolated by means of intracerebral inoculation to white mice. The isolates were identified as(More)
The authors developed a method of obtaining blood (nonhemolyzed serum) from the caudal blood vessels of white mice in amounts sufficient for serological and immunological examinations. A glass bulb was connected to a suction motor to reduce the pressure. This method permits systematic and repeated blood drawing (3.1–3.9 ml of blood from 10 mice)-5 times at(More)
At present, the development of rabies disease is prevented only by antirabic vaccine and gamma-globulin. There are rare indications that drugs capable of providing effective chemotherapy against rabies may also exist. In particular, alkylaminoalkyl esters of fluorenonedicarboxylic acid, as well as the alkoxy and alkylthio derivatives of fluorene and(More)
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