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This paper presents an application of the Taguchi method parameter design to optimize the surface roughness, tool wear and cutting force by hard turning process. The Taguchi parameter design method is an efficient method in which response variable can be optimized, given various controls and using fewer experimental runs. Hard turning is the latest trend in(More)
This paper presents a survey of the thermal performance of a range of TIMs (adhesives, greases, phase change materials (PCMs) and thermal pads) from different vendors. Previously published studies on TIM thermal performance characterization and reliability assessment for electronics packaging are reviewed. The potential limitations of ASTM D 5470 standard,(More)
The purpose of this research paper is to study the tool wear and surface roughness of AISI 8620 material using coated ceramic tool by turning process. Ceramic cutting tools have outstanding material hardness, resistance to high temperatures, wear resistance, chemical stability and hot hardness. Ceramic tool with Al2O3 + TiC (golden) coating was used to(More)
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