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The bright chemiluminescence has been observed in the system: Co(2+)/hydrogen peroxide/lucigenin. The chemiluminescence intensity was directly proportional to either cobalt, hydrogen peroxide, or lucigenin concentrations. A procedure of determination of superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity by the chemiluminescence method in the cobalt-hydrogen(More)
1. α-O-(Pentadec-1-enyl)-β, α′-distearoylglycerol, a neutral plasmalogen found in milk fat, cardiac muscle, etc., has been prepared. 2. In performing the synthesis by the method selected, we have isolated and characterized by their physicochemical constants α-(2-hydroxypentadecyl)-β, α′-isopropylideneglycerol, the tosylate of α-(2-hydroxypentadecyl)-β,(More)
The antioxidant capacity of copper chelates with coumarins has been studied by the method of iron-induced chemiluminescence. All substrates studied were potent antioxidants, comparable to butylated hydroxytoluene. The mechanism of the antioxidant action of these copper-coumarin chelates was similar to that of Cu-Mn-superoxide dismutase, with a coumarin part(More)
We studied combined effect of moderate hypoxia and compounds pQ-4, pQ-915, pQ-1032, and pQ-1104 on neurological deficit and survival of rats after bilateral ligation of common carotid arteries. Preconditioning including moderate hypoxia and treatment with compound pQ-4 produced a neuroprotective effect and increased animal survival during the early (by 51%)(More)
Using two models of the acute normobaric hypercapnic hypoxia (ANHH) and acute normobaric hypoxia without hypercapnia (ANWH), some parameters of the impulse activity of somatosensory cortex neurons were studied in experiments on cats. A new antihypoxant drug--aminothiol complex substance composed of zinc(II) and N-acetyl-L-cysteine (piQ-1104, 50 mg/kg)--was(More)
A new method for determination of the activity of epoxide hydrolase (EC, an enzyme of the 2nd phase of the system of drug metabolism, in rat liver microsomes was developed. 9,10-Epoxy-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene was used as a substrate. The quantitative determination of 9,10-dioxy-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene was performed according to the method of the(More)
The antiradical activity of coumarine reductones was investigated by the method of inhibition of Fe2+ induced chemiluminescence of egg-yolk lipoproteins. All coumarines studied exhibited high antioxidant activity. The dependence of chemiluminescence intensity on the antioxidant concentration shows that coumarines reductions resemble their chemical(More)
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