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Spontaneous and evoked electric activity of the cat dorsal hippocampus neurons revealed the stimulation of cerebellar fastigial and interpositus nuclei to have bilateral mostly facilitating influence on hippocampal neuron activity, with more obvious contralateral effects. Convergence of afferent signals from structures under study is also more often(More)
A lab-scale method for preparation of rifampicin-loaded polybutylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles (nanosames) was developed. The biodistribution of the nanosome-entrapped rifampicin after its intravenous administration was studied on healthy mice. The nanoparticles provided significant liver and spleen accumulation of rifampicin. Modification of the(More)
Neuronal background activity of the cerebellar central nuclei was studied in alert cats. Statistical analysis revealed some differences in the activity due, probably, to the nuclei's cytoarchitectonic specifics and diversity of afferent cerebellar cortical inputs.
Neuronal responses of the central cerebellar nuclei to electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex and electrocutaneous stimulation of the limbs were studied in alert cats. An obvious responsiveness of neurons of the fastigial nucleus to the peripheral signals and impulses from the motor cortex was found. The neurons of the n. interpositus responded(More)
Characteristics of neuronal responses of the cerebellar nucleus interpositus to electrical stimulation of limbs were studied in alert cats. Somatosensory inputs to neurons of the nucleus are transmitted, mainly, via short--latency afferents without involving the cerebellar cortex. Nembutal anesthesia sharply reduced the number of early excitatory reactions(More)
Training and recovery of instrumental equilibrium reflexes are impossible after total neurotoxical destruction of the inferior olive in rats. Motor deficits and compensatory rehabilitation processes in rats following 3-acethylpyridine treatment and high transection of the dorso-lateral funiculus of the spinal cord are closely correlated with the degree of(More)