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Extracts of human decidual tissue obtained in the first trimester of pregnancy showed potent suppressive activity in mixed lymphocyte cultures. These extracts contained substantial amounts of the decidual protein PP14. Purified PP14 also exhibited in vitro immunosuppressive activity, and such activity in decidual extract and purified PP14 preparations was(More)
Crude human decidual extracts containing up to 26.6 mg/l of placental protein 14 (PP14) and purified PP14 were assessed for their effects on the in vitro lymphocyte reactivity to phytohemagglutinin (PHA). Both decidual extract and purified PP14 suppressed the mitogenic response to PHA with the suppression being dose-dependent over the range of PP14(More)
A rapid, sensitive immunoradiometric assay has been developed for human pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) using a purified mouse monoclonal antibody as the tracer and a rabbit polyclonal antibody to this protein in the solid-phase antibody preparation. The assay showed no measurable cross-reaction (less than 0.1%) against a range of purified(More)
Nabumetone, 500 mg two nocte, was compared with naproxen, 250 mg two nocte and one mane, in the management of 24 patients with rheumatoid arthritis attending an outpatients clinic. Both drugs were generally well tolerated and were of comparable efficacy in the dose employed. Similar numbers incurred side effects while taking either drug, but severe side(More)
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