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Ankle-foot orthoses are commonly used in the treatment of spastic cerebral palsy to hold the foot in a position conductive to a more functional gait. This study, utilizing quantitative biomechanical techniques, evaluates the effects of a rigid ankle-foot orthosis and a hinged ankle-foot orthosis on spastic cerebral palsy gait. The subject was a 4.5 year old(More)
This paper describes a new architecture for database management systems. This quasi-distributed architecture is a compromise between the traditional centralized architecture and the more recent distributed architecture. As such it provides benefits over both architectures but also has limitations when compared with them. The quasi-distributed architecture(More)
*The author wishes to thank the members of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences and the CHAOPSYC list for the moral support and helpful comments they have provided this research effort. All errors remain the sole responsibility of the author. Abstract. Many first-differenced economic time series are characterized by fat tails or(More)
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