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In this work, we present the results obtained after 9 months of watering with acidic solutions seedlings of Clusia multiflora, inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). The fungi were isolated from acid and neutral soil. C.multiflora is a tropical woody species that naturally grows on acid soils high in soluble Al. The research evaluated if(More)
The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal (AMF) communities associated with cacao in Venezuela were studied. The species of AMF spores present in sixteen cacao plantations and in one nursery were isolated and identified when possible. The spore densities, species richness, diversity, Shannon-Wiener diversity index and dominance concentration index for the AMF(More)
The influence of a backmixing operation on the convective belt drying of two wastewater sludges was studied. The expansion of the sludge extrudates bed due to increasing additions of dry product was quantified by using X-ray tomography. This non-invasive technique was used to determine the bed porosity and the total exchange area available for heat and mass(More)
Arbuscular mycorrhizas (AM) are important for promoting the mineral nutrition, growth and survival of plants used to rehabilitate degraded areas. Clusia pusilla is an evergreen shrub which is tolerant of high irradiance, germinates readily and can be easily reproduced by cuttings. All these characteristics make this species useful in the recovery of(More)
Recently cubic (c-) GaN/In x Ga 1-x N/GaN double heterostructures and quantum wells have been grown by MBE and MOCVD [1-3]. Contrary to their hexagonal counterparts, the cubic structures can be grown free from modulation due to spontaneous polarization and strain-induced piezoelectric fields. The spatial separation of the carriers wave function, induced by(More)
The effects of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae inoculation on the growth of cacao seedlings (Theobroma cacao var. Ocumare 60) grown for 5 months in a nursery were studied. The effects of introduced VAM fungi (Glomus occultum, Acaulospora appendicula, Glomus manihotis, Acaulospora morrowae and Scutellospora pellucida) in soils treated with copper(More)
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