E A Masliukova

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Retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) was used in this study to determine morphological parameters in the stellate ganglion (SG) in newborn, 10-, 20-day- and 1-month-old kittens. Neurons with the largest average size participated in innervation of the heart in newborn kittens and in innervation of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in(More)
A retrospective analysis included 63 patients with urothelial cancer. Untreated tumor tissue sampled in the course of primary surgery was examined by immunostaining procedure. After surgery, superficial tumors were treated with intravesical chemotherapy, invasive cancer--chemoradiotherapy. Overall survival was significantly higher in cases of low expression(More)
It is suggested that Scr-index for radiation-induced apoptosis in leukocytes in vitro be determined prior to combined therapy of urinary bladder cancer in order to estimate its efficacy. It was identified by studying leukocytes of peripheral blood from patients in whony white blood cells DNA level decreased after exposure to 2 Gy and 3-hr incubation at 37(More)
A series of 159 tests on HER2 ECD in blood serum from breast cancer patients established the following correlations: enhanced levels of the marker occurred more often in patients with multiple metastases to different organs alongside those with bone metastases; patients in loco-regional relapse tended to show elevated levels too. It is suggested that the(More)
Brain metastasis is an important issue in modern neurooncology. Our results of combined treatment of brain metastases are presented and available approaches to brain irradiation and chemotherapy are discussed. There is strong evidence to suggest that maximum combinations of approaches might improve treatment efficacy and extend median overall survival to as(More)
In 29 patients with various malignant tumors there was carried out an estimation of Thiotriazoline efficacy in the treatment of hepatotoxicity in the process of combined chemoradiation therapy. It has been showed that ten-day application of Thiotriazoline in double dose (2,5% solution intravenously by 4,0 ml twice within 24 hours and 1 tablet (100 mg) twice(More)
Radiomodification is one of the most available and repeatable methods of amplification of the tumor damage in radiotherapy. The application of 5 FU hydrogel tissues for colorectal and breast cancer patients enables to complete the surgery, increase performance of radiation treatment, reduce the relapse frequency.
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