E.A. Gutierrez-D.

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Optimizing the electromagnetic performance of MOSbased magnetic sensors requires a deep knowledge of the electro-magnetic force interaction when the device is exposed to a magnetic field in a cryogenic ambient. Analytical approaches derived from numerical simulations are not appropriated under these conditions. Therefore, we use MINIMOS-NT to perform full(More)
Self-heating (SH) in submicrometer CMOS transistors operated at liquid-helium temperature and under different bias conditions was experimentally verified by measuring the temperature T/sub Si/ in the proximity of the device. T/sub Si/ was measured by using a silicon resistor, placed in the same bulk nearby the device under test, as a temperature sensor. It(More)
In this letter, we report a simple innovative and CMOS compatible planar Separated-Absorption-Multiplication (SAM) amorphous Si/sub 1-x/Ge/sub x/ avalanche photo diode (SAMAPD) for short-distance optical-fiber communication systems. The spectral response of this SAMAPD extends up to 0.93 /spl mu/m with a bandwidth of 1.9 GHz. Due to its low-temperature(More)
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