E. A. Gorobets

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The lifecycle of the Bacillus sp. 1839 cultivated during a long period on solid and liquid Youschimizu-Kimura medium was investigated, and then bacteria and spores were studied by light and transmission electron microscopy. Sporulation in this strain is distinguished by engulfment of forespore by mother cell. In the liquid medium, bacteria have the(More)
The marine Bacillus sp. strain 1839 produces tetrodotoxin-like (TTX-like) compounds during sporulation. In this study, the environmental signals that regulate spore formation and the synthesis of TTX-like substances were examined. The main sporulation trigger for Bacillus sp. 1839 was changes in environmental osmolality. Confocal laser scanning (CLSM) and(More)
Moya-moya is a rare cerebrovascular disease characterized by the progressive occlusion of cerebral vessels with partial switching off the circle of Willis and arteries that feed it. The article provides a review of literature, modern diagnostic criteria and a description of a single clinical case. The onset of the disease in this patient was characterized(More)
In this review, we considered current conceptions on the development of alexithymia. We analyzed the possibility of its development in different somatic and psychosomatic diseases as well as a role in the development of some psychoneurological diseases. The data on the relationship between alexithymia and behavioral disorders, disorders interpersonal(More)
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