E. A. Giakoumakis

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— Various organisations have published proposals to prescribe the form and content of software requirements specification documents; the standards were designed to support the specific needs of these organisations and the intricacies of their development projects. To help third parties in taking advantage of this body of work, a set of criteria are proposed(More)
Mobile host multihoming provides benefits to both users and network providers. A mobile terminal's (MT) capability of simultaneously serving user traffic through multiple radio interfaces enhances the performance and reliability of wireless access. On the other hand, the availability of alternative paths for reaching end-hosts gives network operators the(More)
The significant increase of internet based services penetration in combination with the high adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), speed up the convergence of traditional telecom networks with new internet based networks. As a result traditional telecom based services, like voice telephony are provided through internet based(More)
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