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The toxic and genotoxic effects of silver nanoparticles were studied on injected mice (BALB/c line) in vivo. A water solution of silver nanoparticles (SNP) with particle sizes of 9±6 nm was obtained by means of the original method of biochemical synthesis. The effect of the SNP solution was compared to those of AOT (anionic surfactant used as SNP(More)
The ultrastructure of the axial organ of Asterias amurensis has been studied The organ is a network of canals of the axial coelom separated by haemocoelic spaces. The axial coelom is lined with two types of monociliary cells: podocytes and musculo-epithelial cells. Podocytes form numerous basal processes adjacent to the basal lamina on the coelomic side.(More)
In comparison with Asteroidea, the axial complex of ophiuroids has some important features, which are the result of shifting of the madreporite from the aboral side to the oral side. In contrast to Asteroidea, the stone canal of ophiuroids connects with the water ring from the outside, not from the inside. In Ophiuroidea, the somatocoelomic perihaemal(More)
The high prevalence of degenerative changes of spine in the population and a large number of complications after surgical treatment require an expanded diagnostic algorithm with new techniques of examination. One of them is weight-bearing magnetic resonance imaging. We examined 51 patient with chronic back pain. The study was conducted using a tomography(More)
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