E A Dijkstra

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To determine the rheobase and the chronaxie of excitable cells from strength-duration curves both constant-current pulses and constant-voltage pulses are applied. Since the complex impedance of the electrode-tissue interface varies with both the pulsewidth and the stimulation voltage, chronaxie values estimated from voltage-duration measurements will differ(More)
Medium-term analog storage offers a compact, accurate, and low-power method of implementing temporary local memory that can be useful in adaptive circuit applications. The performance of these cells is characterized by the sampling accuracy and voltage droop that can be achieved with a given level of die area and power. Hand calculations suggest past(More)
Vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency are a major health care problem. The association between vitamin D levels and cognitive function is still under debate. We conducted a systematic review to assess the association between levels of vitamin D and cognition. Therefore, the databases of Embase and Pubmed were searched through June 2012 for observational(More)
The aim of Foundation is to prove the necessity to create the software project documentation. This documentation is not only to contain the description of the desired final software product, but also the circumstantially spread over process of its development. In many cases (at least for the educational purposes) project documentation must be open. To(More)
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