E A Baburina

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In the retina of Siberian sturgeon, three spectral classes of photoreceptors were identified by microspectrophotometry. These were rods, oil drop-containing and oil drop-free cones possessing P549, and oil drop-containing cones possessing P613 and P465. With intracellular recordings, rod-driven, cone-driven, and mixed horizontal cells of luminosity type(More)
The external photoreceptor segments in the retina of vertebrates have been studied already more than 100 years; the intensity of these studies increased markedly during the recent 20 years due to the introduction of autoradiography and electron microscopy. These methods allowed to study the ultrastructure of external segments of the rods and cones in many(More)
A study of the development of eye retina in sturgeons (Acipenser güldenstädti and A. stellatus) by means of autoradiography has shown that during embryogenesis the cells of the high light sensitivity region complete the cycle of proliferation prior to the stage 29, what corresponds to the completion of proliferation of the retina cells in anurans and(More)
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