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We present a plan for establishing a facility for conservative treatment of patients with low back pain. This system is based on a concept of one therapist instructing one patient in certain anatomy and body mechanics appropriate to his needs. Audiovisual programs are used in this part of the program. Exercises are prescribed for specific muscle groups(More)
Acute necrotizing (hemorrhagic) pancreatitis was induced in 12 dogs by infusing oleic acid into their pancreatic ducts. There were decreases in blood pH, complement, antithrombin III, blood platelets, 24- and 48-hour plasminogen, and 24-hour haptoglobin and modest decreases in serum albumin. There were increases in fibrinogen, 48- to 120-hour haptoglobin,(More)
In a model developed to study acute pancreatitis in the dog, the disease process was comparable with the spontaneously occurring disease. Infusion of oleic acid into the accessory pancreatic duct induced, grossly and microscopically, acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis with pancreatic atrophy, fibrosis, fat necrosis, and edema. Clinical changes included(More)
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