E. A. Aleksandrova

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The effect of intermittent immersion on orthostatic tolerance, fluid-electrolyte metabolism and neuromuscular system was investigated. Control and experimental immersions were used. Experimental immersion was preceded by 12-hour exposure to immersion at night for three times. Experimental immersion was accompanied by reduced renal excretion of fluid, sodium(More)
Oral treatment with chitosan with a molecular weight ∼105, but not its oligomer, reduced plasma content of free-radical oxidation products in normal rats and animals treated for the bone marrow form of radiation sickness and stimulated the recovery processes in involved bone marrow and peripheral blood.
In the brain, histone acetylation underlies both learning and the maintenance of long-term sustained effects of early experience which is further epigenetically inherited. However, the role of acetylation in learning previously has only been studied in adult animals: high level of learning could be dependent on high levels of histone H3 acetylation in the(More)
1. A significant variability of individual learning curves is found in combination with the absence of significant differences between averaged active avoidance learning curves of control and streptozotocin-treated rats. 2. A group of rats consisting only of sick individuals, in which a more prolonged latent period and an increase in the rate of learning of(More)
The processes of histone acetylation in the brain underlie both the mechanisms supporting the long-term stable effects of early experience, transmitted to offspring generations by epigenetic inheritance, and learning. However, the role of acetylation in learning has previously been studied only in adult animals: high levels of learning can be linked with(More)
Environmental factors acting during the neonatal period affected the formation of phenotype of adult animals via epigenetic modifications of the genome, e.g. histone acetylation. We studied the effects of blockage of histone deacetylases with sodium valproate on week 1 of life on the behavioral pattern of adult male 129Sv mice. The results of behavioral(More)
The ontogeny of defensive behavior of laboratory rodents underlying many experimental models has been still poorly understood. In this study, we investigated the age-related features of behavior of 8- and 12-day-old laboratory mice in response to presentation of the predator odor using olfactory discrimination method and determination of sleep and(More)
It has been first in vitro demonstrated on a model of epithelial cells that rifampicin may develop not only at the level of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but also at the level of somatic cells. The mechanism of this phenomenon, its specificity (whether cross resistance to other antituberculous agents will occur), the way it puts into effect under the(More)