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Study Design: The effect of epidural space perfusion with chilled saline solution (% 0.9 NaCl) on lipid peroxidation after experimental spinal cord injury in rats was evaluated. Objectives: The extent of lipid peroxidation is a useful parameter for evaluating the cellular disturbance caused by spinal cord trauma in experimental conditions. The protective(More)
567 Abstract: There is no ideal surgical technique for cervical spondylosis. The choice of surgical procedure remains controversial. A series of 25 patients who had undergone subtotal vertebrectomy and iliac bone fusion between 1985 and 1995 were reviewed. There were 19 men and 6 women with an average age of 55.6 years. All of the patients had cervical(More)
A 10 years old girl presented with a 1 year history of low back pain and bilateral sciatica. On physical examination, sensory loss was noted in the L2-S 1 dermatomes on each side and the ankle reflexes were absent. There was no sphincter involvement or motor weakness. Plain X-rays did not reveal any bony abnormality. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) without(More)
The interaction of neurotransmitters has been a major interest in pathophysiological conditions like epilepsy. In vivo microdialysis has recently gained much validity in measuring neurotransmitter release in experimental animals. However, there is a paucity of data concerning its use in humans on the grounds of safety considerations. Microdialysis(More)
A 22-year-old man with medical history of Hemophilia A was admitted with a 3month history of low back pain radiating to the right leg. Neurological examination revealed no abnormalities. Spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with gadolinium enhancement revealed an intradural extramedullary mass at the level of L1 reported as an intradural tumor. The(More)
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