Dzuraidah Abdul Wahab

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Problem statement: Segmentation is the first and fundamental step in the process of computer vision and object classification. However, complicate or similar colour pattern add complexity to the segmentation of touching objects. The objective of this study was to develop a robust technique for the automatic segmentation and classification of touching(More)
Many recycling activities adopt manual sorting for plastic recycling that relies on plant personnel who visually identify and pick plastic bottles as they travel along the conveyor belt. These bottles are then sorted into the respective containers. Manual sorting may not be a suitable option for recycling facilities of high throughput. It has also been(More)
In this paper, a work on representing plastic bottle shape using erosion based approach for an automated classification is reported. Morphological operations are used to describe the structure or form of an image. By using the two-dimensional description of plastic bottle silhouettes, edge detection of the object silhouette is performed followed by the(More)
Lean manufacturing is a proven approach for success in manufacturing industry. However, several organisations failed in their attempt to implement lean manufacturing system. The transition to lean manufacturing requires radical change which involves a total reshaping of purpose, system and culture of the organisation. The purpose of this paper is to develop(More)
This paper presents the application of Parallel Genetic Algorithm (PGA)-based Takagi Sugeno Kang (TSK)-Fuzzy approach for dynamic car-following modeling in the traffic simulation software. It differs from the usual car-following model significantly as the proposed model provides a more dynamic car movement and realistic headway by considering the driver(More)
AbstrAct Purpose: Automotive component reuse as one of the product recovery strategy is now gaining importance in view of its impact on the environment. Research and development on components design and manufacturing as well as tools and methods to facilitate reuse are under way in many countries. To enable reuse, components have to be assessed and its(More)
This paper presents an exploratory study of lean manufacturing implementation in Malaysian automotive industries. A questionnaire survey is used to explore the extent of lean manufacturing implementation. This paper also examines the drivers and barriers that influence the implementation of lean manufacturing. The survey was performed on sixty Malaysian(More)
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