Dylan W Williams

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1. The pharmacokinetics and disposition of delafloxacin was investigated following a single intravenous (300 mg, 100 µCi) dose to healthy male subjects. 2. Mean Cmax, AUC0-∞, Tmax and t1/2 values for delafloxacin were 8.98 µg/mL, 21.31 µg h/mL, 1 h and 2.35 h, respectively, after intravenous dosing. 3. Radioactivity was predominantly excreted via the kidney(More)
To investigate the application of a cough-creating thrust for the removal of airway-obstructing foreign material, the thrust was applied to six adult male anesthetized volunteers at the waist, at the low chest level, and at the midchest level, with the subjects in both the horizontal-lateral and the sitting positions. Air volume, peak air flow rate, and(More)
Building a solid foundation for microwave circuit theory M icrowave equivalent-circuit theory is like a grand old building: elegant, carefully crafted, passed from generation to generation, and rooted in history. Traveling waves, the mea-sureable electromagnetic field solutions of Maxwell's equations in a transmission line, form the foundation of the(More)
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Systemic blood pressure has assumed an identity of its own with a rigid norm, deviation from which causes dismay to the patient and his advisers. The opportunity for hypotensive treatment has enhanced the emotional response of the profession to a raised blood pressure. There are, however, wide variations in blood pressure in any subject, and a wider(More)
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