Dylan Stein

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This study measured the nutritional status of eight spine-injured patients during their first 10 to 14 days in the hospital. Initial and follow-up nutritional assessment showed that their nutritional status deteriorated at least partly due to an inadequate supply of protein and calories. Infective complications and prolonged respiratory support were common(More)
INTRODUCTION Since 2004, the authors have been operating First Call NYU, an outreach program to identify acute and recent HIV infections, also called primary HIV infections, among targeted at-risk communities in the New York City (NYC) metropolitan area. MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY First Call NYU employed mass media advertising campaigns, outreach to(More)
Two experiments compare the performance of children who vary in both age and learning ability. In the first experiment, learning disabled and nondisabled children from three age groups were tested for their incidental memory for frequency of occurrence information. In the second experiment, learning disabled and nondisabled children from two age groups were(More)
We used an Internet-based questionnaire to investigate whether viewing pornography depicting unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) was associated with engaging in UAI in a sample of 821 non-monogamous men who have sex with men (MSM). In the 3 months prior to interview, 77.2% viewed pornography depicting UAI, 42.6% engaged in insertive UAI, and 38.9% engaged in(More)
Seventy-six patients with closed head injuries alone were studied to define the relation between the severity of the head injury and secondary alterations of general metabolism. The effect of metabolic changes on neurological outcome and the importance of nutritional support on nutritional status and neurological outcome were also evaluated. Using a(More)
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