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  • D Simon
  • 1986
The relationship between internal migration and development in Zimbabwe is analyzed. The author suggests that current migration trends can only be understood in the context of the country's colonial past, in which a contrast in levels of development existed between the central areas dominated by European settlement and the peripheral zones of mainly(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess the general attitudes of health insurants with chronic conditions towards a health coaching and their reasons for participation in or refusal of the telephone health coaching provided by their sickness fund. METHOD The survey was designed as a cross-sectional study on insurants who had either participated in(More)
  • D Simon
  • 1982
"The theoretical debates on urbanization and spatial inequalities in development are sketched in relation to the Namibian (South West African) situation. 1951, 1960 and 1970 Population Census data as well as 1976 estimates for urban centres are analysed and interpreted, revealing growth trends in the urban hierarchy and in the three main racial groups in(More)
Enhanced patient participation in health care is demanded due to better knowledge of patients about diseases and their treatment, due to more treatment strategies in the course of scientific progress, due to ethical and legal considerations, and due to study results. With shared decision-making (SDM) a method was defined for the medical interview to involve(More)
Patient participation in decision-making has become increasingly important. Shared decision-making (SDM) describes a procedure for the physician-patient encounter and can be enhanced by training physicians, decision support tools and training patients. Results of a research consortium on SDM funded by the ministry of health showed positive effects of shared(More)
Patient surveys show that many patients want broad information about their disease and treatment. Often they are interested to participate in the process of medical decision making, which could be realised with the concept of shared decision making where patient's values and needs are considered to the same extent as the treatment recommendations of(More)
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