Dylan Pfeifer

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Heterogeneous, distributed hardware/software cosimulation techniques using the backplane method encounter complex interface protocols for simulator communication and synchronization, limiting their adoption or abstraction. We simplify the dynamics of backplane cosimulation to the properties of a Kahn Process Network (KPN), such that tokens of the KPN are(More)
Distributed system-level simulation among coordinated, heterogeneous simulators requires communication and synchrony to preserve event causality. Once achieved, multiple coordinated, distributed instances of a single simulator not originally written for internal parallelism can be used to conduct the expression-level parallel execution of a model(More)
Cyber-physical systems challenge distributed simulation techniques for reasons of the heterogeneous tools used to model system components at different levels of abstraction, each with potentially different notions of time. The SimConnect and SimTalk distributed cyber-physical system simulation tools meet the synchronization challenge of distributed(More)
Cyber-physical systems challenge the field of parallel and distributed simulation due to the plurality of simulators required to model and simulate diverse system components. Additionally, simulation may require fine resolution to simulate events that occur at simulated system software-level frequencies or simulated system electrical circuit-level(More)
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