Dylan Owens

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The practical usage of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) is limited by vehicle and operation cost, difficulty in accurate navigation, and communication between the vehicle and operator. The " Rex 2 " UUV employs a system design where a submersible is connected to a float at the water's surface by means of a tether. By maintaining a surface expression,(More)
A multi-state optical flip-flop memory based on cascaded lasers is presented. We show that only one of the lasers can lase at a time, thus the state of the optical memory is determined by the wavelength of the dominant laser. The light from the dominant laser suppresses its neighboring lasers through gain saturation, but still receives amplification by the(More)
A five-state optical flip-flop memory based on serially interconnected lasers is experimentally demonstrated. The contrast ratio between different states is over 30 dB. More state operation can be realized by connecting more lasers. Introduction Optical memories are interesting for applications in optical packet switching networks [1]. Many types of optical(More)
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