Dylan J. Portelance

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In this paper, we present a novel technique for assessing the learning of computational thinking in the early childhood classroom. Students in three second grade classrooms learned foundational computational thinking concepts using ScratchJr and applied what they learned to creating animated collages, stories, and games. They then conducted artifact-based(More)
This paper seeks to contribute to the growing literature on children and computer programming by focusing on a programming language for children in Kindergarten through second grade. Sixty-two students were exposed to a 6-week curriculum using ScartchJr. They learned foundational programming concepts and applied those concepts to create personally(More)
The ScratchJr programming language and iPad app were created in a collaboration by Kindergarten Group and the Playful Invention Company in order to provide young children with a developmentally appropriate way to learn foundational computer programming while creating animated stories and games. In this thesis, I present a novel activity called " Code and(More)
In today's world, in which technology is playing an increasingly growing role in the lives of children, computer literacy and technological fluency are becoming a necessary national standard. However, developing character traits that serve children to use new tools in a safe way to communicate and connect with others, and providing opportunities for(More)
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