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A General Waveguide Circuit Theory
This work generalizes and extends the classical circuit theory of electromagnetic waveguides, and definesrices characterizing a linear circuit, and relationships among them, some newly discovered, are derived.
Comparison of On-Wafer Calibrations
A powerful new verification technique determines the measurement accuracy of scattering parameter calibrations. The technique determines the relative reference impedance, reference plane offset, and
A Complete Multimode Equivalent-Circuit Theory for Electrical Design
This work presents a complete equivalent-circuit theory for lossy multimode transmission lines that includes new expressions for transmission line impedance matrices, symmetry and lossless conditions, source representations, and the thermal noise of passive multiports.
Design and Performance of Coplanar Waveguide Bandpass Filters
End-coupled resonator bandpass filters built in coplanar waveguide are investigated. The admittance inverter parameters of the coupling gaps between resonant sections are deduced from experiment, and
Millimeter-Wave Modulated-Signal and Error-Vector-Magnitude Measurement With Uncertainty
We provide techniques to generate and characterize precision wideband millimeter-wave modulated signals. We use predistortion to obtain a significant improvement in signal quality and an associated
Improved Antenna Efficiency Measurement Uncertainty in a Reverberation Chamber at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies
We provide results of antenna radiation and total radiation efficiency at millimeter-wave frequencies gathered with a new open-ended waveguide-plate method that is compared to a well-known
A Significance Test for Reverberation-Chamber Measurement Uncertainty in Total Radiated Power of Wireless Devices
A method is illustrated that allows users to estimate the minimum number of stepped mode-stirring samples needed to ensure that the component of uncertainty due to spatial uniformity dominates for a given chamber setup, allowing the use of a simplified expression for uncertainty.
Phase detrending for measured multisine signals
We develop a method to detrend the phases of measured multisine signals. We find a time reference that removes the linear component of the measured phases and aligns them, within a precision
Calibrated measurement of optoelectronic frequency response
Describes the most straightforward method for accurately measuring the frequency response of optoelectronic devices. The method uses a calibrated optical reference receiver, a modulated optical