Dylan E. van der Meulen

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Space use and movement patterns are largely influenced by an animal’s size, habitat connectivity, reproductive mode, and foraging behaviours; and are important in defining the broader population biology and ecology of an organism. Acoustic telemetry was used to investigate the home range, habitat use and relative movement patterns of an estuarine dependant(More)
This study examines the complex diadromous movements in pinkeye mullet (Trachystoma petardi) of south-eastern Australia. The techniques used to study these movements included LA-ICP-MS single line ablation transects and microchemical imaging as well as preliminary acoustic telemetry results which were used to aid in interpretation of chemical signatures(More)
This study investigated variability in the growth, length, and age compositions and the rates of mortality of Flinders’ sillago Sillago flindersi exploited in a demersal trawl fishery in eastern Australia. Sampling was done over 2 years across three depth strata at two locations approximately 400 km apart. Ageing of sectioned sagittal otoliths indicated(More)
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