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BACKGROUND Models of cocaine addiction emphasize the role of disrupted frontal circuitry supporting cognitive control processes. However, addiction-related alterations in functional interactions among brain regions, especially between the cerebral hemispheres, are rarely examined directly. Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)(More)
Conventional methods of treatment having failed in 17 children (aged 9/12 to 16 5/12 years) with incurable solid malignant tumours underwent whole-body hyperthermia (41.8-42.0 degrees C, for 2-3 h), hyperglycaemia (20-25 mmol/l) and polychemotherapy. Five children had neuroblastoma (stage 4), three Wilm's tumour (stage 4 or 5, unfavourable histology), five(More)
INTRODUCTION Severe brain injury is one of the most frequent causes of severe disability in the young. In acute management of brain trauma, new approaches based on experimental animal investigations should be sought. METHODS Twenty male, juvenile Chinchilla-Bastard rabbits received standardized cold-injury-induced-brain-trauma (CIBT). A metal probe(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the effects of early case management for patients with severe head injury on outcome, family function, and provision of rehabilitation services. DESIGN Prospective controlled unmatched non-randomised study for up to two years after injury. SETTING Four district general hospitals and two university teaching hospitals, each with(More)
A meta-analysis was performed on data from 24 single-case experimental studies evaluating the immediate effects of sensory stimulation treatment on patients in vegetative state following traumatic brain injury. Response to treatment was evaluated by time sampling behaviour pre- and post-treatment, and examining for changes in behaviour that suggested(More)
Arousal profiles are a method that we have developed for using data derived from time sampling to examine how behaviours such as the frequency with which the eyes are observed open, and the frequency of spontaneous movements, vary in the periods immediately before and immediately after sensory stimulation treatment. We believe changes in such behaviours(More)
STUDY DESIGN Case series from a single spine specialty clinic. OBJECTIVE This study analyzed wound related or anaphylactic adverse events in patients re-exposed to rhBMP-2. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The use of recombinant bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2) as a bone graft substitute is increasing. There is concern that re-exposing patients to(More)
Abdominal shunt revisions are frequently necessary for ventriculoperitoneal shunt systems in children with hydrocephalus internus. There are many well-known problems related to abdominal shunt revisions such as difficulties in reaching the abdominal cavity, intra-abdominal adhesions, cerebrospinal fluid pseudocyst, or problems in retrieving dislocated(More)
Up to 10% of patients may have bacteremia after rigid sigmoidoscopy. The aim of our study was to determine the frequency of bacteremia accompanying flexible sigmoidoscopy. Blood samples for aerobic and anaerobic cultures were obtained before, during, and after flexible sigmoidoscopy in 100 patients who were examined a mean distance of 49.5 cm, range 15-60(More)