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Ethyl acetate appears to be a satisfactory subsitute solvent for diethyl ether in the Formalin-ether sedimentation technique. In comparative studies, concentration of organisms with ethyl acetate was equal to or greater than that with diethyl ether. No distortion or alteration of morphology was observed with eigher solvent, and preparations were comparable(More)
OBJECTIVES To document the prevalence of asthma among school-aged children in two Alberta communities, to understand host and indoor environmental factors associated with asthma, and to compare these factors between the two communities. DESIGN A cross-sectional study with a nested, case-control follow-up. SETTING Red Deer and Medicine Hat, Alberta. (More)
Following the introduction of combination antiretroviral therapy, children vertically infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) living in the developed world are surviving into adult life. This paper reviews the neurodevelopmental outcomes of 62 consecutively-presenting children with HIV-1 infection diagnosed before 3 years of age (32 males, 30(More)
Circulatory support devices require 10-20 W. Currently, several devices are under development for the transmission of this power via transcutaneous transformers, with the secondary implanted subcutaneously and the primary worn externally. Because these devices are air cored, they have relatively large, bulky external appliances, poor coil to coil coupling,(More)