Dwight R. Wilcox

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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) ideally provides reliable access to a scalable, agile, and affordable computing environment. In the tactical military context its ultimate goals are greater situational awareness and enhanced operational capability through the efficient sharing of information. Component systems, such as networks and data sources, can(More)
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Modeling and simulation, intelligent software agents, and other technologies can support network-centric distributed tracking. These technologies came together in the Knowledge Management for Distributed Tracking (KMDT) research and development program to improve naval command, control, and decision(More)
secure communications networks. Each platform or shoreThis paper describes the application and the approach to based sensor station will have a web portal. Each web portal modeling and simulation for Knowledge Management for will have multiple pages, one for each sensor at that site. Te Distributed Tracking (KMDT). This is an ongoing research sensors can(More)
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