Dwight Naylor

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Querying a safety case to show how the various stakeholders’ concerns about system safety are addressed has been put forth as one of the benefits of argument-based assurance (in a recent study by the Health Foundation, UK, which reviewed the use of safety cases in safety-critical industries). However, neither the literature nor current practice offer much(More)
MAMBAs (Multivariate Analysis Methods in Biomechanistic Activity Studies) is an integrated workstation-based graphics program designed for the investigation of quantitative structure activity relationships (QSAR). It combines many of the commonly used statistical techniques with an extensive database of substituent constants, a variety of molecular and(More)
In the preceding article the hardware and organisation of a new data processing system were described. This paper deals with the file structure and operation, the use of management information, the economical use of disc-file space and hardware, and the transferability of the system.
A real time data processing system for a group of three clinical chemistry laboratories (one base and two satellite) has been developed as a successor to one used previously. This paper describes both the inadequacies of the previous worksheet-based system and the advantages of the new system, including flexibility, fast response and comprehensiveness,(More)
Procedurally Generated Content (PGC) has been a staple of interactive media for many years, allowing a designer to provide experiences that express their intent without hand-crafting all the individual parts of the environment. Dungeons were one of the first applications of dynamically generated content and remain a popular way to provide unique user(More)
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