Dwight M. Smith

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Black carbon (BC), the product of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and biomass (called elemental carbon (EC) in atmospheric sciences), was quantified in 12 different materials by 17 laboratories from different disciplines, using seven different methods. The materials were divided into three classes: (1) potentially interfering materials, (2)(More)
We employed our inhalation methodology to examine whether biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress would be produced in mice following inhalation of aerosols containing carbonaceous particles or the vapor of pesticides prevalent during the first Gulf War. Exposure to two putative Gulf War Illness toxins, fine airborne particles and the pesticide(More)
The negative impacts on human health that accompany inhalation of atmospheric particles are documented in numerous epidemiologic studies, but the effect of specific chemical properties of the particles is generally unknown. We developed and employed technology for generating inhalable aerosols of carbonaceous air pollution particles that have specific(More)
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