Dwight E. Giles

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Students in service learning courses develop community learning experiences based on course content, and examine course content in light of their service. The role of service learning experiences in the course is akin to the role of readings, discussion, research, and lab work-all of which can introduce and reinforce students' knowledge and critical(More)
  • Kerryann O 'meara, Lorilee R Sandmann, John Saltmarsh, Dwight E Giles, K O 'meara, L R Sandmann
  • 2012
Community engagement is one of the major innovations that has occurred in higher education over the last 20 years. At the center of this innovation are faculty members because of their intimate ties to the academic mission. This article examines the progress that has been made in understanding this critical area of faculty work. It builds on past research(More)
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