Dwayne Read

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We investigated the levels of neutralizing antibodies to measles virus and canine distemper virus (CDV) in 72 multiple sclerosis patients (MS) and matched controls and also examined the frequency and age of onset of a number of childhood illnesses, including measles. The frequency of each childhood illness was not significantly different between cases and(More)
  • D E Read
  • 1988
A sample of 645 volunteer subjects, 50-79 years of age, took part for two consecutive years in a neuropsychological study of perception and memory. The sample was divided into three age groups (50-59, 60-69, and 70-79) in order to examine any age-related changes in performance. On a visual-closure task, similar to that of Gollin (1960), all age groups(More)
In 1977 and 1978 Cook and his associates demonstrated a positive association between ownership of small dogs and both familial and sporadic cases of multiple sclerosis in New Jersey. Because of the far reaching implications of this work, a similar study was carried out and 72 patients with clinically definite multiple sclerosis (MS) who were resident in the(More)
This case study examines the approach undertaken by Snowden Technologies in adopting a range of agile techniques into their product and custom software solutions for the mining industry. The catalyst to adopt various agile techniques stemmed from the growth of the development team (30+) and the need to further integrate the development activities across(More)
Three patients with peripheral neuropathy and a solitary plasmacytoma are presented, and the literature is reviewed. It is suggested that middle-aged men with an obscure progressive sensorimotor neuropathy, a raised CSF protein, and otherwise negative investigations should have a full skeletal survey since irradiation of a plasmacytoma may lead to a(More)
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